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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later


.. figure::
:alt: SearXNG
:width: 100%
:align: center


Privacy-respecting, hackable `metasearch engine`_

If you are looking for running instances, ready to use, then visit searx.space_.
Otherwise jump to the user_, admin_ and developer_ handbooks you will find on
our homepage_.

|SearXNG install|
|SearXNG homepage|
|SearXNG wiki|
|AGPL License|
|SearXNG logo|


.. _user:
.. _admin:
.. _developer:
.. _homepage:
.. _metasearch engine:

.. |SearXNG logo| image::
:width: 5%

.. |SearXNG install| image::

.. |SearXNG homepage| image::

.. |SearXNG wiki| image::

.. |AGPL License| image::

.. |Issues| image::

.. |PR| image::

.. |commits| image::

.. |weblate| image::


Come join us if you have questions or just want to chat about SearXNG.

` <>`_

`#searxng on <>`_
which is bridged to Matrix.

Differences to searx

SearXNG is a fork of `searx`_. Here are some of the changes:

.. _searx:

User experience

- Huge update of the simple theme:

* usable on desktop, tablet and mobile
* light and dark versions (you can choose in the preferences)
* support right-to-left languages
* `see the screenshots <>`_

- the translations are up to date, you can contribute on `Weblate`_
- the preferences page has been updated:

* you can see which engines are reliable or not
* engines are grouped inside each tab
* each engine has a description

- thanks to the anonymous metrics, it is easier to report a bug of an engine and
thus engines get fixed more quickly

- if you don't want any metrics to be recorded, you can `disable them on the server

- administrator can `block and/or replace the URLs in the search results


- you don't need `Morty`_ to proxy the images even on a public instance
- you don't need `Filtron`_ to block bots, we implemented the builtin `limiter`_
- you get a well maintained `Docker image`_, now also built for ARM64 and ARM/v7 architectures
- alternatively we have up to date installation scripts

.. _Docker image:

Contributing is easier

- readable debug log
- contributions to the themes are made easier, check out our `Development
Quickstart`_ guide
- a lot of code cleanup and bug fixes
- the dependencies are up to date

.. _Morty:
.. _Filtron:
.. _limiter:
.. _Weblate:
.. _Development Quickstart:


We need translators, suggestions are welcome at

.. figure::

Make a donation

You can support the SearXNG project by clicking on the donation page: